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Praise for
Josephine Trotter

Trotter’s latest work shows her at the height of her powers. She is an artist rooted in the tradition of modern Post- Impressionist painting but her deeply felt, poetic response to her native landscape brings a strong and totally individual vision to her subjects. She is a superlative painter in the truest sense of the word.

‘I absolutely love putting paint on’, she declares, ‘I love paint, the smell of paint and its texture.’ In the end, her art is about the stuff of painting, and it is in the visceral essence of the material itself that she has always found herself and the reason why her paintings speak so vividly to us.

Anne Dumas
Curator at the Royal Academy.
current blockbuster show “Painting the modern garden”.

Josephine Trotter’s paintings may look direct and simple in the statement, but they are underpinned by disciplines long studied and hard won – disciplines of close observation, organisation and technical address, of light, space and form.

William Packer
Art critic for the Financial Times since 1974

Trotter is an artist who has a powerful feeling for the material she uses: oil paint, in all its glorious physicality. She says “I get so excited about paint, its quality & application. Also, I feel privileged to have trained at a time when drawing was the crux & bones of art education & very hard work. The thing is, I really love painting.” That is abundantly evident from her exuberant work.

Martin Gayford
Art critic for the Daily Telegraph
and author of The Yellow House & The Man in the Blue Scarf

Josephine Trotter


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